About Me

Hi my name is Emma!

I’m from Jersey, Channel Islands (where the cute cows come from!). In 1999 I had the option to go to uni or to travel; the excitement and opportunity to get off the rock and see the world far outweighed the thought of uni at the time, so I chose to travel. Cairns is where I ended up and where I have lived ever since.

I’ve always been a creative at heart, but this was put it aside when I came to Australia, settled down and had kids. However in 2008 my creativity was ignited again when a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt I had to help her and the closest thing I could do to help, I figured, was to fundraise, so I put on the biggest fundraising event in town and managed it for four consecutive years.

I have a passion for purpose, and my creativity was ignited through this event, which lead me onto gaining an interest in natural health & wellbeing, and sharing my findings through educational seminars, movie nights, an expo, and bus tour.

In my spare time I enjoy getting out in nature, having adventures, doodling with little projects at home or simply relaxing in a groovy coffee shop with a good magazine.

I love travel, walks, art, a good roast dinnerĀ and dragonfruit (the red ones!).

Here is a link to my Resume